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Soft drinks and beer will be charged with a small amount.

Life jackets are available.

This mangrove exploration tour leads you on the Kompong Smach river to the Prey Nup Mangrove region. The tour promises to be a unique experience, including the observation of different birds while kajaking through the protected mangrove area.

Enjoy your day in a nature reserve, that is anything but crowded with tourists!


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  • Group size: from 1 to 15 people
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    You will be picked up at your hotel! Please let us know where you are staying!

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    You will be dropped off at your hotel!

  • Pickup time: (5.00 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (3.00 AM)


As most of the birds are seen early in the morning your day starts at 5 am. After being picked up at your hotel you are brought to the bridge at Kompong Smach River. There you get breakfast, consisting of a baguette, to get energy for the day.

After finishing breakfast you start the boat trip on the Kompong Smach River to the Prey Nup area. This trip will take you around 1.5 hours. Take this chance to enjoy the landscape and let the morning light atmosphere put a spell on you. As it`s still early in the morning, birds show themselves in their full beauty.

To give you a rest you will visit a ranger house in the mangroves.

After that you will start a guided kayak tour leading through the mangrove canals. While this 1 hour tour again you will see a lot of birds.

At 1 pm lunch is served. You will enjoy a delicious curry with rice. If you are a vegetarian, please let us know when you make your booking!

 Take the boat along the beautiful seaside to the next ranger house. On your way you will stop in Campou Kmau 2. If weather conditions are not good, you return to ranger house 1 after visiting ranger house 2.

Around 3 pm you return to Kampong Smach Bridge. You can choose between going by boat or Tuk-Tuk across the rice fields.

 Please be aware that this tour requires your initiative. If you wish any small changes, just let the guide know, he will be happy to make you happy.

Cancellation Policy

A non- refundable deposit will be charged after confirmation!

Cancellations within 24 hours before the tour starts will be charged with the full amount!