Sihanoukville weather forecast

Heading to the beaches of Sihanoukville and wanting to know what the weather will be like whilst you are there? Check out our six-day Sihanoukville weather forecast below for the latest weather conditions and temperatures in Sihanoukville.

Situated just 10 degrees north of the equator, Sihanoukville is on the coast and has a warm tropical climate. The sea breeze cools the air and helps make conditions here more pleasant than in interior areas of Cambodia. The average Sihanoukville temperature ranges from 22°C to 34°C and it experiences high humidity, particularly in the evenings.

Alternating dry and wet seasons is the norm here. The annual monsoons last for about five months from June to the middle of November, bringing with it loads of rain. For the rest of the year, it is mostly dry weather in Sihanoukville though scattered showers can be expected in January and February.

There are four broad seasons and conditions alter perceptibly between seasons. The most pleasant time in Sihanoukville is during winter, which lasts from middle of November to the end of February. The weather is cool and dry, making this the best time for a visit.

From March to May it is hot and dry in Sihanoukville. April and May are the hottest months and best avoided. Temperatures reach high 30s and humidity hovers around the 90% mark during the evenings.

By June the rains start and it gets heavier towards August. But during this time, showers come down mainly in the evenings, so daytimes are good for outings. September to November is the time when the rains reach their zenith, and sometimes it rains continuously for days. Not a nice time to be visiting Sihanoukville unless you are particularly fond of rain. The flowing rivers and the lush green vegetation do make a pretty picture if you are willing to put up with a little bit of hardship.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Aug 13
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  27°C
Aug 14
Hi:  28°C
Lo:  26°C
Aug 15
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  26°C
Aug 16
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  26°C
Aug 17
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  26°C
Aug 18
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  25°C