Downtown Sihanoukville

Golden Lion

Downtown Sihanoukville is located in the center of Sihanoukville, and by motorbike you reach the area in about 5 minutes from Serendipity Beach. All the buses to Phnom Penh leave from the downtown bus station and you will find taxis in front of the Psah Leu Market. All the buses arriving from other destinations will drop you in Downtown SIhanoukville. To reach your hotel in Sihanoukville it`s best to take a motorbike or tuk tuk.

Downtown Sihanoukville is great for shopping because most of the shops as well as the markets are located here. Psar Leu is the biggest market and perfect for strolling around. To have a rest you can stop by in one of the many restaurants and cafés Downtown Sihanoukville has to offer offer.

To find the post office in Sihanoukville just go to the market Psah Leu. The post office is opposite to it.  For nightlife Downtown Sihanoukville offers different locations, some of them popular for their 24 hours service.

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