Nightlife in Sihanoukville

Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville


Whether you feel like partying hard or just having a relaxed evening at the beach- Sihanoukville covers all of it!

Serendipity Beach in Sihanoukville is most popular for its nightlife. The clubs there are famous all over Cambodia. Start your night with a delicious Seafood BBQ and then enjoy the happy hours offered by uncountable bars along the beach front. The Sessions is the perfect place to hang out and have some beers in a cozy atmosphere and good music! It is located at the beachfront of Serendipity beach, Sihanoukville.

You can also explore the nightlife along the Serendipity Beach Road. There are numerous bars and restaurants, popular among backpackers. The Monkey Republic is the place to be for meeting new people or playing pool while having some beers.

If you feel more like dancing, JJ`s and the Dolphin Shack will be the place of choice at the beachfront. It doesn`t matter which day, these bars are always busy. If you walk up the Serendipity Beach Road, you will find Utopia, another club, well-known for its parties! So if you feel like dancing through the night, Sihanoukville will not disappoint you!

For those who prefer it a bit quieter, we recommend Otres Beach in Sihanoukville. As well, there are plenty of bars to go, but the atmosphere is more relaxed. Why not having a walk at the beach to watch the breathtaking sunset first? After that, treat yourself in one of the restaurants or bars. They, all located directly at the beach, offer wonderful BBQ and great cocktails to bring you through your evening. If you fancy a refreshing Mojito, visit the Mushroom Beach Point at the end of Otres Beach! The only thing you need to know before you go to Otres Beach: Do not take a Tuk Tuk back to Serendipity at night! This road is known as dangerous, so better stay there for one night! But as there are many pretty hotels, this should not distract you from going there.

Downtown Sihanoukville is another place for party. It`s the place to go if you are looking for bars that are open 24 hours. If you don`t want your party to finish, go to Downtown Sihanoukville!

But also the one that are looking for a romantic spot to spend the evening with your partner, Sihanoukville has some locations to offer. Just walk past the Serendipity Pier and you will arrive at some beautiful and hidden bars, overlooking the rocky part of the beach in Sihanoukville. It`s really quiet, so just listen to the sound of the waves and watch the fishing boats leaving the mainland.
If you prefer watching the sunset, you should have your dinner at Victory beach in Sihanoukville, which is probably the best sunset spot of Sihanoukville. And if you want to stay out a bit longer, you can go to the Airport Bar and sip at you cocktail while swinging under a real plane!

But it doesn`t matter which option you choose, be aware that it is not safe to walk alone in Sihanoukvilles dark areas at night. Better take one of the many Motodups or TukTuks back to your hotel. They offer their services the whole night. And do not try to swim at the rocky part of Sihanoukville at night, accidents happened too often already.